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  • A.E.C. Nevis Accelerator Tunnel, Irvington, NY

  • Boulevard Station, Bronx, NY

  • Buchanon Island Plaza, Washington, D.C.

  • Cadet Activities Center, West Point, NY

  • Carver Houses, New York, NY
  • Downtown Site Improvement, Aurora, IL

  • Downtown Site Improvement, Madison, WI

  • East River Fountain, New York, NY

  • Flushing Post Office, Flushing, NY

  • Fort Dix Rehabilitation, Fort Dix, NJ

  • Fort Monmouth Rehabilitation, Fort Monmouth, NJ

  • Framingham Post Office, Framingham, MA

  • Grand Central Annex, New York, NY

  • Northport Post Office, Northport, NY

  • Niagara Falls Air Force Base - Gymnasium, Chapel & Theatre Buildings

  • Picatinny Arsenal Rehabilitation, Dover, NJ

  • Reis Plaza, New York, NY

  • Roosevelt Island Plaza, New York, NY

  • Stewart Air Force Base - Swimming Pool and Service Men’s Club House

  • Stewart Air Force Base - Ammunition Storage Facilities

  • Technical Training Building, Floyd Bennett Field, NY

  • U.S. Navy Technical Training Building, Whitestone, NY

  • West Point Commissionary Central Refrigeration, West Point, NY

  • West Point Rifle Range, West Point, NY

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